Importing animated cameras from 3ds max problem


I have tried scripts and tutorials but something seems to be always off with our cameras.
I’m talking about the lack of keyframes or the camera orientation when we import from fbx.
What is the best method to import multiple animated cameras to unreal from 3ds max?

same issue here. using 4.19. my cameras dont even import. :frowning:

Afaik animation is not yet supported by datasmith/studio, you’ll only get the camera location and rotation.

Thank you LegendreVR,

I will try to bake the frames to my cameras.
Is it ok to bake it during the fbx export or it should be done before it?
Importing cameras through sequencer is the proper way for animated cameras?

This video ( covers that topic and should help you out.

Its part of a greater series that I encourage you to look at:

Hope this helps,