Importing and applying sprites?

I have seen tutorials on YouTube but they go too fast, but I understand flipbooks and tile sets and tile maps but how does the 2d player move around left and right on them and jump and collide with the tiles?

You can add a collision in the sprite editor :slight_smile:
After that the collision capsule from the character will collide with the collision of the sprite -> he can “walk” on them

Thanks but first how do I import the images?
Say I wanted certain tiles to be the ground and I wanted another one to be a animated tile, how would I go about this? :slight_smile:
In the collide event how would I tell one blueprint to behave as a platform and the other as the player?

Take a look at this series (a little bit outdated, but it should still work the same): :slight_smile:

Thanks XD bro your a lifesaver