Importing an animation from maya

I don’t know whether I am doing something wrong in maya or unreal, so hopefully whoever can help is experienced in both. In maya i am creating a 2d long and skinny rectangle that swings left to right. I am making it swing using the keyframe animator at the bottom of the screen. I export as fbx and when i bring it to UE4 it wont import. I don’t know why, so if somebody coudl describe the process of what I shoudl be doing, that would be very helpful. Thanks

Unreal Engine currently does not support vertex animation like this. You have to assign at least some bones/skeleton and animate them.
However it has high priority on a Roadmap and seems like will be released this summer. (Animation/Vertex Animation).

For a workarounds check this AnswerHub reply

do you think you could explain a bit more about vertex animation vs assigning bones and skeletons? Would I still animate it the same in maya, just with a skeleton attatched?