Importing an animated static mesh with no skeletons

Hi I have animated several objects in Maya with no skeletal meshes. How can I import them using FBX into 4.24.3 with the animation intact?


You would need to import as skeletal meshes.

supposedly the import will convert the object itself to have a root bone which is animated.

Realistically I have never tried this coming in from blender or maya. So not really sure if it will work for you.

As far as fixing it in blender if it does not, add a bone to the items, this should create the underlying structure you need, while the items are still animated.

The next step is to bake the visual animation for one bone/object at a time.
This will create animation Tracks you can export.

When you then export either individual objects or the whole thing just make sure to select the proper settings on armatures and animations.