Importing Alpha Map


I am having an issue getting my alpha maps to automatically import with the material and other textures when importing an FBX. I suspect its because the default unreal material is set to opaque and the opacity mask node is inactive. Has anyone found a way around this? Is there a way to maybe change the default material to masked on import so that the opacity mask is active?

I know we could embed our mask into our diffuse maps alpha channel but would prefer to get this to work since we currently use separate maps for our Alpha and Diffuse.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

The easiest way is to just import the alpha channel texture separately, because I think that it’s currently not possible to automatically import the alpha texture :slight_smile:

Yea we are talking about 10,000 + assets though so doing them manually will be tedious.

Then just put your alpha into the diffuse texture -> then you just have to do two steps to get it to work. Connect it with opacity mask + set the mode to masked
I personally recommend you to not use the auto-generated materials, because to get a good AAA quality, you always have to do some more work in the materials :wink:

Yup looks like that will be the option we will be going with. Its just too bad because if I remember correctly in UDK it still imported an alpha map even though the opacity mask channel was inactive in the default material.

Hi fighter5347, do you know if importing alpha/opacity maps into UE4 will become possible in the near future? Because the method you suggested is good for base material with alpha, not for something that already has a diffuse map - hair or tree leaf for example. Currently we are working on a Architectural VR project that requires us to import about 400 static characters from 3ds Max, all of them have got alpha for their hair and eyelashes…

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.