Importing a real world height map

can anyone tell me a easy way to get a height map from real map and import it to EU 4

I can tell you one easy way to do it but it requires optionally purchasing some software to be the simplest and quickest.

  1. Locate the real world digital elevation model that you want to use.
    Make sure it is in BIL, BT, FLT, HGT, IMG, or a RAW format that you know the header size of.
    There is a zip file of a bunch of real world digital elevation models in TerreSculptor TSmap format uploaded as free content on the TerreSculptor forums in the Tutorials section that you can use to play with.
    Alternately, if you are only using TerreSculptor Standard Edition, contact me via email or on the TerreSculptor forums and I will convert the file for you.

  2. Use TerreSculptor Professional to import the digital elevation model file, in one of the formats listed above.
    Or alternately if you only have TerreSculptor Standard, I can convert the digital elevation model file to TSmap format for you. Note that the Standard Edition is limited to a maximum heightmap size of 2048x2048.

  3. Perform any modifications as required to the heightmap in TerreSculptor, such as changing the height range, or resampling it to a different resolution, or cropping it, as required for optimization by Landscape.

  4. Export the terrain out of TerreSculptor to RAW format, using care to choose the proper Data Type (signed or unsigned) and Byte Order (Intel or Motorola), since you must use the same RAW format properties for importing into UE4.

  5. Import the RAW file into UE4 Landscape.

I am currently working on a bunch of tutorial videos for the TerreSculptor YouTube channel that will cover many topics including heightmap data transfer to/from UE4 and other game engines.

thanks a lot! :slight_smile: i will contact you when i start that project as i am currently working on another one.

This is really all you will need to start with, this will get you height maps quickly. from there i use lt3d i know its old but it still works, raiseland doesnt import height maps yet as i know of but lt3d is cheep 30$ for indi, so once you figure it out its somewhat simple, just keep in mind these things can bog you down on a lower end machine.

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TerreSculptor Standard is free for all uses including commercial.
It can also be used for importing some real-world digital elevation models if you know how to create and modify the raw parameter files, and if the DEM file is not too large for the Standard Edition.
Many DEM files are in plain raw format, but they use different text parameter files, so you have to know how to edit those.
TerreSculptor Professional just makes this easier since it supports numerous DEM formats and their header files directly, and many DEM files are very large, so the Pro edition is required to load the large files.

The first few of many upcoming tutorial videos on DEM importing are now on YouTube.
These show just how easy it is with TerreSculptor Professional.

NED DEM to TerreSculptor

TerreSculptor YouTube Channel

I can’t recommend TS as feature rich as it seems to be, as it does not seem to support tiled output.Thats huge for a lot of people, small or huge worlds.

I checked multiple pages and saw no tile info.

LT3D can do that, in the PRO version at a very reduced cost comparatively speaking.

Great site, too bad it isn’t available outside North American locations.

It’s 2019… use a VPN?

Also there’s and if you are a bit more interested in the science. And Qgis is free to use
Welcome to the QGIS project!

Not sure if this has been posted, but its higher res than terrainparty and at least easier if you don’t need exact locations: 30-Meter SRTM Elevation Data Downloader
Can’t search geographically above, but you can get highres here as well and do just that: ALOS Global Digital Surface Model "ALOS World 3D - 30m" (AW3D30)

30 meter is the same, or not much higher - depends on zone.
high quality is 2m or below.
Acceptable for a modern game and the engine without having to work the heightfield would be around 10m.

The videos of the making of the Quixel short show how the terrain was obtain in high res lidar from or a similar one.
the data is only publicly available in some limited zones (and to be honest I have received trash data even after paying for 2m lidar with governments overseas)…

No one wil ever get 2,never heard of such a thing, website?
Thirty has and does get referred to as ‘walkable’, 90 not being so, but sure who wouldn’t love such a thing.

Plenty of 2m data out there UK , Lidar DEM and DTM there is even some 50cm
You wll however probably need Terre Sculptor Pro to import the formats it comes in

Paul G

HM,ya and THERE’s the rub.

Just use Qgis. Its free, its python, it has tutorials……h_terrain.html

And after you lean it you can actually add a complex skill/program to your tesume that makes you seem like a scientist in a world of fake coders :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL ya no doubt- Has anyone used qgis-I see they used 100m for values inbetween contours, would 7.5 be too large for ue4,just asking in case anyone has actually tried this ;)))
TY for input all,as always we are better for it.

I wonder( time fleets for us all ) if l3dt Pro can do this,its free now for anyone possibly unaware, and no I’ve not had time lately to explore that either o_0

See Terrain.Party Heightmap to Unreal Engine Landscape for a full tutorial on how to import Terrain Party to Unreal.
This will work for other height maps too.