Importing a model with drivers from blender

hello, i am trying to import a tank model(FBX) that i created in blender that uses drivers to move the tank in any direction, but when i try to import it and i turn off combine meshes it gets imported as 21 sperated meshes even tho i’ve parented them into one single object in, how can i fix this?
thank you for your answer ^.^
i’m pretty much a beginner so forgive me for being dumb XD

Any parenting or hierarchical structure that was setup in your modeling application will not be used in UE4. You will need to do this in a Blueprint.

When you import a mesh from Blender or any other modeling application the mesh that is exported will use the 0,0,0 world origin coordinates as the pivot point of the mesh.

De-selecting combine meshes when you import is going to create a separate static mesh for each independent part of your FBX as this is expected.

If you want your mesh to be setup with correct pivots and rotations you’ll need to align the pivots of each mesh to the 0,0,0 before exporting in Blender and then reassemble in UE4. Typically if you’re making a tank you should only have a few rotating/moving pieces (Tank Body, Tank rotational body with the turret, and the cannon). These should be three separate pieces that are reassembled. Obviously there may be a few more, but these are the basic ones to get tank like movement.

I hope this has helped some.

thank you a lot, but i don’t think i phrased my question right!, the model is sperated into 3 parts, the tank body, the cannon, and the tank tracks, the body and the cannon are perfectly fine but the problem is with the tracks cause they have 10 moving wheels and a the tracks, they’re setup with drivers, so when move the tank forward or backwards the tracks and the wheels rotate, but i don’t know how to import that into ue4 cause it just becomes 8 sperate wheels and all the driver setup is just gone .-.
thank you for your patience man!!!:rolleyes: