Importing a level/game world/map


I was wondering if it is possible to import a game level/world/map from GTA SA or Watchdogs 2?
Just to test a few things

Hope someone can help me with my question :slight_smile:

No, that’s not possible -> but you can export the heighmaps, meshes, textures,…and put everything together in the UE4 (takes too much time) :slight_smile:

that’s what I already thought, but about the export heighmaps, meshes, texture is there a tutorial for it ?

When those games are moddable you might be able to open the maps and somehow export the objects as a fbx/obj, raw16, wav,…but I havent played those games so I dont know if it’s possible and if there are tutorials on youtube :wink:
After that just import everything (when you use static lightning you might have to create some lightmaps in a 3d tool before you import them) + create materials of the textures (take a look at the material page in the documentation) + assign the materials to the meshes + import the heightmap with the landscape tool (landscape page in the documentation) :slight_smile:

okay thank you! I might give it a try

Hi, noob question:

Is it possible to download completed maps/ levels in Unreal Engine 4, then add my characters and assets to that map? I only seem to find assets to create my own map/ level. Thanks in advance! Kind regards,

It’s possible, I doubt anyone would just sell a level that way. With the amount of work it takes to make assets/landscape etc.
The dev cost would easily be over $10k in production, and no one would purchase a copy for more the $90…

Yeah there are tons of example levels. Depending on what you’re using it for. If you are just trying to throw something together for fun you can look at the Infiltrator Demo that has a large level included.

Use case is everything; if you want a production quality level you’re going to have build it yourself, if you’re looking for inspiration or something to play with there are hundreds if not thousands of demo levels you can find.

If you just want a heightmap here is GTA5’s heightmap

If you just want a city you can travel around in check these out


Careful, that gta5 heightmap doesn’t look correct as far as height maps go.