Importing a large World

Is there a way to make a world in another program and importing it to UE4?
and can someone please make a deep TUTORIAL for landscape and creating a large world
thanks in advance

I’d like any tut on landscape. :slight_smile:

Tinkered with it a bit, got frustrated and went and had dinner. I can’t figure out how to make anything but a flat plain. and use one texture. I click on the brush… and tried tugging on terrain to start to mod it… Finally gave up. :slight_smile: ROFL!!

Dinner was great though.

Sure you could make an entire map in something like 3ds Max and dump it all into UE4 in one go but I would advise against it. For one thing you would be giving up model instancing and your total maps memory foot print would be as big as the map it’s self. Also I’m not sure as to how well occlusion would work in UE4, ie mesh based groupings, but in some engines if the player can see just one part of a model then the entire model is visible to the render so if this is true in UE4 then you would be seeing every part of your map being rendered no mater where you were looking.

Where doing so would really be helpful is in blocking in your total environment work space, giving everything simplified collision, and then replace the more or less fenced off areas as to fit to finish design pieces and then remove and update those areas from the proxy.

Kevin Mitchell has a 5 part series on landscapes in UE4. Link

Amir Abdaoui has one from UDK (8-9 part), the workflow shouldn’t be much different between the engines, as far as creating the landscape/importing it and the maps you’ll need are concerned. Link

He imports that one into Cryengine, but has a separate video on his channel detailing how to do so in UDK. Link

Hope this helps.

TerreSculptor Page Redirection


or photoshop/GIMP/paint.NET

Landscape in UDK has a max size of 4096*4096 (or 10 kilometers) It is in r16 format or raw 16 bit.

and tutorial here Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Landscape Tool (english) - YouTube

When you say;“Is there a way to make a world in another program and importing it to UE4?”, do you mean everything in that world? FrankieV’s would be correct for that. But you can make the static meshes, say for your buildings and main elements, and import them together. On import, DO NOT SELECT COMBINE MESH, or you will have FrankieV’s result. Also, place the meshes exactly where you want them in the modeling software, but keep the pivot location at 0,0,0. After you have imported them, you can select them all at once and drag them into your scene. Select all the meshes and in the properties panel make sure the location is 0,0,0.


If you want to layout your level in 3ds Max, I’ve made some Maxscripts that allow you to copy the positions of objects in 3ds Max so you can paste those objects into UDK: 3ds Max Object Placement Scripts - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

You have to first have your objects imported to UDK. To make sure they’re setup right in UDK, make sure you take all of your objects in 3ds Max and set their position to (0,0,0) when you export–that would be rather than keeping their positions and moving just the pivot to (0,0,0) and then you can use the script to copy their positions.
And for any instanced objects you need to copy/paste them separately using the second script.