Importing a FBX


I am a newbie in UE, just started for few days from self learning. Previously I do have some experience in Unity3D.

I need some help here about importing a FBX into UE4 that exported from 3DsMax.

I work in an architecture visualization firm. I exported a fully furnished living room from 3DsMax into FBX.

The problem is when I import it into UE, the engine take the FBX as a single object (actor).
Becoz in Unity3D, eventhough I import the same FBX, it will still hierachy all the objects separately.
Some people tell me to export each objects separately in 3DsMax, but if that the case then I have re-locate each objects in UE again which really time consuming.

Is that a way to import the FBX which separated objects in UE ?

Thank you

Try this:

Export all selected meshes from 3ds max, import that one big fbx file and untick ‘‘combine meshes’’ at the import prompt in ue4. Select all imported meshes in your content browser and drop em all at once in your scene…everything will be placed at the same position as they were in max!

thank Mikand79 and heartlessphil very much. … both you solved my problem.