Importing a custom rig

First time user. I want to make a custom rig that has hair and trench coat flaps built into the rig.
There are no extra bones in the default rig in Persona to hook up the hair bones and coat flap bones. Unity has a Humanoid (Persona) rig type and a “Generic” rig type. If I were to create a rig with hair and coat flap bones, I would choose the “Generic” rig type in Unity. This would also mean all animations would need to be done with the hair and coat flap rig, in Unity.

I plan on having hundreds of characters in my scene, and I’m thinking all the cloth physics would slow down the CPU…could be wrong about that :P. I’m thinking boned animations are generally easier to compute than cloth physics driven animation.

Is there something like Unity’s “Generic” rig type in Unreal?

Or, if I have joints in the rig for the hair and coat, how do I have the animation onto it if there is no hair nor coat tail joints in the Persona rig?