Importing a Camera FBX above a 150mm lens Crashes

The workaround is to import the camera into a blank scene and then copy, paste, and relink the cam/matinee, but it is a somewhat tedious workaround

Hey AaronAikman,

I just attempted to import a camera I created in 3ds Max with a 200mm lens and it simply failed to import and did not cause a crash.

If you could could provide me with some simple reproducible steps so I can get the crash to occur on my end that would be helpful.

Also, if you weren’t aware and you are not super far into your project. We just took our new and improved cinematics editor (Sequencer) out of experimental which will be replacing Matinee as the standard. Matinee in 4.12 is considered the legacy cinematics editor.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Andrew Hurley

Thank you for the response. I will be testing it out in 4.12 soon