Importing a building using UDK

I am a high school student who is trying to figure out how to use UDK by myself. I have a map with just a building in it and I was wondering how to import it into another one of my maps with just terrain in it. I tried converting it into a static mesh and got an message saying “The following packages have references to external packages :Building. External packages won’t be found when in a game and all references will be broken. Proceed?”. Also when I tried converting it to a static mesh it came up with 3 different LightmapTexture2D. a I also tried importing it within file but nothing happened. I am EXTREMELY new to this and need some guidance and explanations.


Please post your question into the UDK forum: https://forums.epicgames/forums/366-UDK This here is the UE4 forum

Why dont you just select your building -> Ctrl+C -> open the new map -> Ctrl+V :slight_smile:

My apologies , and thank you. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that first. The only thing is textures didn’t really transfer over but that is an easy fix. Thank you again.