Importing 3rd person blueprint Character Model into Maya A.R.T plugin

As the title says, I would like to use the current character model in the A.R.T plugin to add additional animations. I’ve been looking for tutorials and have found nothing. Is it possible to import this model and animations into Maya?

Well I was having issues loading up the mannequin which I have fixed… It looks identical to the one already in Unreal4 if I was to create animations using the one in A.R.T would it be possible to add the animation to the current one in Unreal4 or visa versa.

I would like to know this too. I posted a question abotu this a week or 2 ago and never got a response (the topic was derailed in to a Blender discussion, lol)

The official 3rd person tutorial on Youtube has the FBX files of the char and some animations, but it doesn’t seem to have any rig controls.

I would think there must be an easy way to either A) add rig controls to the existing skeleton so we can make our own animations with the character, or B) a way for us to duplicate that exact rig easily in ART, make a prototype char w/ some new animations, and then import the animations on to the existing 3rd person character since it’s the same skeleton.

So nothing hey…

Seems like this would be pretty easy to do, I’m surprised noone answered?

If it’s easy to do, wouldnt someone just explain how?

If it’s not possible, I’m surprised someone wouldn’t say that either?

Confused by lack of responses… lol

are you try and fail? why fail? are you looking for a yes answer? :confused:, the question is to general, you need focust in apoint problem.

I’ve asked the same question before in other posts and it got ignored. Basically we both just want to know A) if it is possible to transfer new animations we make on our own ART-created character to the existing unreal character, or B) if it’s possible to transfer the existing animations for the character to our own ART-created character.

Knowing pipelines I’ve worked on in the past, I’m pretty sure there has to be an easy way. But I recently just picked up Maya, and have not done my own art for a looong time. Most of my development work has been C# for my job, or C# coding in Unity w/ existing models/animations.

I’m the type of person who likes to do research and plan everything out, and I’ve spent a lot of money to attempt to have all the tools I need before going hard in UE4 (Got Maya, Quixel Suite, iPi soft & cameras, set up a studio in the back yard for mocap. Really just need learn the capabilities of the ART tools and get a pipeline planned covering all bases so I can get to work.

Yes. event you can use other rigs and other programs, even mixamo, meanwhile you use the same bones structure and bones name.

You only need use the ART if you going to animated the caracter with maya using the automatic rig that generate ART.

The rig move the bones and the bones move the mesh. The engine only import the bones and the mesh. Soo the rig system used can be any.

Something that epic can do is share a fbx file with the 3person example, like always are done before. soo you can save time recreating the structure.

Not 100% sure, but probably not. You need the maya file that hold the movements of the rig.

That is very good actitude, i am very wary too using 3d party magic tools, few time is real useful.