Importing 3D Models

Hi, very new to unreal engine, could use some help I am trying to import a character model into unreal engine 4 so I can stop using the default skeletal mesh.

But when I import it breaks the character into pieces and then when I go to change the rig nothing is there

any help would be great

You cant import obj files as skeletal meshes -> you will have to export is as a fbx file. :wink:
Also make sure to enable “combine meshes” in the import settings.

Hi thanks for the reply but I still have a view questions, as I said above I am very new to all this.

When I download the model from the site and unzip it I have a folder filled with all these different files and they are not just .obj do I have to convert the others as well ?

Also what should I use in order to convert them and how to I combine them all ?

Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, I would really just like to get ride of the default skeletal skin and replace it with this model

.dds = image files. You will have to convert them to png, jpg, tga,…
.max = with that file you can open it in 3ds max

Btw, be careful with such meshes as they might could be ripped -> so you are not allowed to use them!

ok so I have converted the the dds files to pngs and the obj file to fbx. And I have been able to open the fbx file in blender and I can see the model but I am still not sure how to combine the textures to the model and import it as one into unreal engine any ideas ?

Just import everything separately -> then in the ue4 create materials and assign them to the mesh :slight_smile:
Btw, as the obj file does not contain any skeletal mesh information, you will have to rigg your character in blender -> or open the mesh in 3ds max and export it from there