Importing 3D models and having them go crazy

Hi I dont know if any of you have had this problem before but it seems to be very presistant on my machine and I have absolutely no idea what’s causing it and why it’s happening. I have tried many different methods of trying to fix it but it seems to never work. I would have a nicely build human model in Daz or something and when i export via fbx and import the model, it would result in the following after about 4 hours of importing.


I would get these spikes all over the place from misplaced points and what not. is there a solution for this? am i doing something wrong?? should i get my models blessed in Maya before importing?

I had this problem in a previous project i was working on, it turned out the problem was the version of the .fbx exporter (in maya) and it made the models look like that or even worse. See if you can change the .fbx version in Daz, and maybe even try importing it without all the morph targets. Could be something to do with them either.

Hi Muggy8,

This is a known issue with DAZ right now that has been reported with UE-12017.

You can follow any updates at this post: