Importing 3d model problem

So when I download a 3d model (only .obj works for me), e.g. a car, and I import it to UE4 I only get the “naked” car model (with no textures on it) and a few dozens of ‘materials’ which all look the same. How to get the 3d model as it looks on the pictures where you download it.

My suggestion would be to look for models that are in .fbx format. In my experience (which is little when talking about UE) .fbx has always worked and if not, it was easy to fix.

I am just working on this myself and hope to get corrected as my gathered information suggests that imported materials and textures might not all be connected correctly in the UE Material Editor, that means some nodes might have to be manually fixed.

In my case (exporting from Modo) an OBJ has wrong rotation and scale and the attached materials show up black, whereas importing an fbx works just as expected with correct rotation, scale and materials.
Note that imported models need a second UV-channel with a layout just for the lightmaps. I’m not yet up to speed, but I think the engine can generate this one as well, just not too satisfactory.

Could you attach or link one of your problematic models for testing?

Thanks for the answer !
So I tried these ones:
This one was with .fbx but it crashed at 75% when importing -

This one was “naked” -

I would suggest you, start importing easy objects first.
When import workflow is set in stone, then try those highpoly meshes, i bet they are not usable for gaming.
Search here for model (for gaming!), watch comments first, then import - test.