Importing 19MB model crashes UE4

i am trying to import a 19MB obj into UE4. it has 200,000 polys.
After 10 minutes UE4 or Win crashes.
Is that normal?
Yesterday i imported a 13mb model. it worked but took 10 minutes.
Nevertheless i cant import that 19bm model.

Your system might not be able to handle it. The poly limit was removed as far as I’m aware.

amd 635 II 4core 2.9ghz R9 280x OC. 4GB DDR3. although 2 gb of ram are ddr2 i think

You have only half of the recommended amount of RAM. 8 GB is a must. 16 GB if you want to be comfortable.

Could you post your crash log (documents/unreal projects/project name/saved/logs/the latest file) + report your issue on answerhub: :slight_smile:

It might be running out of memory.
You can also try disabling the option to generate lightmap UV’s automatically on import.

That is a massive mesh and with only 2GB of RAM you are most likely running out of memory when trying to import the mesh. Can you try splitting the mesh up into smaller parts and then putting it back together in the editor?

Converting it to .FBX before importing may help as well. .OBJ import is not as fast as .FBX import in general, although still I’d have expected it to take a long time but not crash. As fighter said, please open an AnswerHub ticket as well.

Michael Noland

ok , i think i got it. Windows stopped working i assume then. I didnt get a crash report in ue4. I only assumed it.
Obviously i have to few RAM.
That 200k model wasn#t important , just a test.
But i need to upgrade my system to more RAM anyways. My mainboard is pretty outdated.
thanks for all the responses

I would say use a lowpoly assets!

OBJ is a nasty format and not all are created equal so yeah I’m not surprised at all that its crashing. Try using AutoDesk FBX converter and convert the OBJ first. 4 gigs is a bit on the light side but if EU4 can’t parse the FBX then it could be a memory problem. I’ve imported much higher density single mesh objects.