Importer Plugin / videotexture


I work on a program, which visualize architecture. But not just one building. You can select from your pc your fbx and import them to your program and the program do everything by itself.
A lot of things are already working. But I have 2 problems. Videotexture and importing the Data.

1. Videotexture does not work, when the game is packaged, or in the editor when you did not see the video before.
I found the solution, that you should include it in the right folder and look which format works best for you - no changes.
Important Question for me: Does it work in a packaged game for somebody?
Else I would like to know, if there are some useful plugins. My solution actually is, that I change pictures, so instead an video, I work with 2000 pictures per video.

2. Fbx importer is not accessible in c++
This is the biggest problem for me.
There are 2 solutions for this. First, I can change this module to runtime modules. This is against the EULA, but I do not want to sell this software. Just play with it, so it should be okay. I did not find any instruction how to do this.
Next solution is better. Find or write your own plugin. Writing an own plugin is hard work and I do not have time for it and a plugin I could not find in the internet. I’m surprised, that there is a lack of plugins for UE4. So do you can help me with this problem?


Edit: I found an solution for the video texture, but still have problems to find a way to import dynamic objects