Imported wav file not playing

I’m trying to play a wav file I imported using the Play Sound 2D node, but the sound never plays. I can’t even play it in the content browser. The thumbnail for the imported sound wave is blank, but the duration and other details remain intact. Sounds imported from the marketplace work, but not sounds imported from my computer. How do I fix this?

Are you importing it through the menu or just dragging it into the folder?

Through the menu.

Weird, that should work…

I just tried dragging the sound file directly into the folder. That produced the same problem.

No, dragging in not recommended, because the files get converted, on import ( in the case of audio ). Also not a good idea because the references get screwed up…

Is it 24bit? That should convert on import, but maybe try 16bit…

The sound I’m trying to import is 16-bit.

Sorry, out of ideas… :-/

Should I report this as a bug to Epic or wait for somebody else to respond?

It’s definitely not a bug. You have something else going on, but I can’t tell what from here.

You could wait and see if someone else sees this, or log it again.

What do you mean by “log it again”?

Re-post the question :wink:

Got it. Thanks anyway.

Bumping this. Does anyone know how to fix my audio problem?

This may be an issue with the sample rate of the .wav file, so this cannot be solved within Unreal. You will need to reduce/change the bitrate and export it from an audio program like Audacity (it should be shown on the bottom left corner). From my own project a bitrate of 48,000 works just fine.

In my case, “message log” was muted in window’s volume mixer even I didn’t set it to mute.
It’s easy mistake. but if your problem haven’t solved yet, It would be worth to check.

Hi did you found a solution still struggling. No sounds :frowning: