Imported .uasset material issue

I downloaded a free asset, copied the file into a new folder I created in the starter content folder. When I start I see the table fine and it looks like it copied over correctly. (Has texture and material) The issue is when I select the item, the shape and form of the table moves okay into the seen but the material/textures are gone and its just grey. In my content window the object is now just grey as well. Did I screw up something?


All references in Unreal, like those in a Material, refer to an absolute location in your content folder - that is, if the material was set up to use your texture in


then if this moves, the material will break and you’ll get a compile error when the engine tries to build it. The result is the default grey checkerbox. The solution is to open the material, find the reference node to the texture file, and reassign it. The material should then work fine.

Usually if you move materials within the content browser it will do this for you, although annoyingly it can leave ‘reference’ objects behind which make a mess of your content folders.

Hi, it looks like everything is connected with the nodes. I am a tad confused lol.

-also check if the material is still assigend to the mesh (double click on it in the content browser - take a look at the material slots)
-recheck the materials, there must be something wrong with them (do you get any errors + are you sure that the textures arent missing) :slight_smile:

I have fine materials but they show up one solid color on a shape I imported from blender in FBX format. Its weird. World position type of materials work on it but anything that references the size of the shape is just one flat color. Like its too big or too small. I tried scaling textures on it to see if it is too big or too small and could not get it to work either way still just one flat color. Looking online and doesn’t seem like anyone eles had the problem. Its my first time doing this but yeah I don’t get it

Having the same problem, you are not alone :slight_smile:

I manage to resolve this problem by copy files to “Content” folder directly, not to under other folders. Hope it will helps .