Imported textures look too dark (comparison to Blender and Substance Painter)

This is how the material looks in Substance Painter

This is how it looks like in Blender

And this is how it looks like in Unreal Engine 5. Raytracing vs Lumen makes no difference. I assume this is an issue with how the textures are imported but the Roughness and Metalness have sRGB disabled and are used in the material and “Sampler Type” set to “Linear Color”, which I thought should be enough. When I use constants for Metalness and Roughness instead of the texture I can get the model to like I want it to look as well, so there must be something wrong with the textures.

The red arrows point to the models with the issue, the green arrows point to a “Hard Anodized Aluminium” Quixel Surface, which is roughly how the material should look like. There’s also a couple other models in the scene used as a benchmark for comparison which look correct.

What am I doing wrong here?