Imported static mesh as obj file is distorted

Hi everybody!

I’m slowly learning UE4 and have read loads of info, googled and watched lots of tutorials. Love this engine!

An issue I’m not able to understand is why this mesh’s straight surface look concave?
It’s originally made in Wings3D, exported as obj file 100x size to correspond to UE measure. It doesn’t matter if I have an UV map or not.

What am I doing wrong here? Any advice appreciated

Looks like it could be a problem with smoothing groups. That is what they are called in Max, not sure in Wings3D, look for soft or hard edges option maybe. And make sure you export that

edit: Just tried that, with your selection, right click and choose “Hardness”, you can switch between hard or soft edges.

Found this on a thread, might help you out:

Thank you so much! Works fine now. :slight_smile: