Imported skeletal mesh includes geometry in the skeleton hieararchy - advanced skeleton

I have solved this problem just before committing this thread, but because I didn’t find any answers or even the same question online, I’ll go ahead and leave the answer here.

You import a skeletal mesh (in my case, i am using advanced skeleton in Maya) and the skeleton hierarchy in Unreal includes the geometry within the skeleton hierarchy. This won’t break animations, but the problem that it will cause in the future is that if you change any submesh parts of the character, unreal will think the skeleton changed and will fuss about that. So you want to have a consistent skeleton file…


By default, Advanced Skeleton puts the skeleton into a folder called “Deformation System.”

It seems that unreal expects the skeleton to not be grouped. Remove the skeleton from any grouping and then it will import as expected. This won’t upset the Advanced Skeleton setup at all, the group is purely for organization (as far as I can tell).

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