Imported Skeletal Mesh from Blender looks bad

I made a bear with armature and in blender looks fine but when i import it in ue4 looks bad.What should I do?

I dont know. I am new to blender (it is my first mesh)

The mesh is 1 1 1 but the armature is x=1.761 y=1 z=1.7615

Try applying the armature scale and exporting it again. In Object Mode with the armature selected, press Ctrl+A => Scale.

It might help, but might not, IDK.

Thank you soo much! It worked.

Is the scale of the bones 1,1,1? Is the mesh scale 1,1,1?

Nice. Always remember to keep your objects to 1,1,1 scale. It will help you avoid lots of issues in future.