Imported Mixamo Animation "twisted"


I just tried to import a model from mixamo together with a few animations. I took my “BasicEnemy” which inherits from Character. After the import I changed the Skeletal Mesh and set up the retarget Manager. I’ve created a Anim Class BP. I’ve set up a State machine, casted etc… and everything works fine.

Except the arms of the Character are now “twisted”. I tried to change the Arms in the retarget manager to the other side but it changed nothing. Do you know why this happens?

Picture: Untitled.jpg -

This plugin will fix it for you by baking your animations.

I appreciate your help but I dont want to spend money just for learning things.

Is there an other way?

Maybe change the post to T pose , vice versa :slight_smile:

Sorry, browser playing up.

Now are you importing a Custom Mixamo Rig through blender before exporting to Unreal Engine? Because with a custom Rig, Mixamo won’t put in the Root bone and you have to go into blender or some other 3d modeling program to put in the missing bone… Or are you importing in one of their pre-made store characters to Unreal Engine?

I did it with this tutorial:
The only difference is that I used an other character instead of my main character. Could it be possible that I have to retarget (atleast human characters) the model with the SK_Mannequin like he did in the Video? I did everything until 8:50 but I just replaced my Enemy-Actor Mesh with the mesh from Mixamo. I cant try it until tomorrow.

If you are using Blender avoid moving the bones in object mode or it sets off that bug that causes the armature to become distorted

I had something similar

I just had to ensure when retargetting both meshes Poses were as identical as possible, you can adjust the base rig skeleton easily within UE to match your skeleton’s pose