Imported Meshes are Crooked

Sometimes I noticed imported meshes get imported in crooked. I use Blender, but I know that they aren’t crooked in Blender, but sometimes when I import the static mesh the mesh within the editor has its Z axis askew. So I end up having to delete the mesh, and export (just in case) again and reimport my mesh. Does anyone else have issues with this?

Not sure if this is your issue, but in 3D programs when you rotate something usually that’s not a permanent change, so for instance if I rotate something 10 degrees I can click on it later and it will be listed as being rotated 10 degrees. A normal part of asset creation is to collapse it down so that things like scale or rotation go back to default values while the object remains in the same state. In Maya it’s called freezing transforms, in 3ds Max you have to use Reset XForm. I’m not sure what the equivalent is in Blender but that could be your issue.

in blender it doesn’t really have a name, you just have a “apply rotation” option, its the same for location and scale as well.

In my instance, a mesh that was suppose to be vertical was rotated on the x (or maybe y) axis maybe 1 degree, so it was shifted ever so slightly.

I will try that though. “Apply Rotation & Scale” It’s odd for sure considering I never rotated the mesh on that axis anyway.

There could also be modeling that might need to be applied, in 3ds Max if you don’t collapse some modifiers to the mesh then it won’t end up right when you export to FBX