Imported mesh issue: invisible front faces. Blender

I’ve modelled a 3d Bed in Blender, unwrapped it to get the lightmap and assigned casual material just to create material slots.
As I imported the model in UE4.16, every element looks fine but the mattress. its front faces disappear showing what’s inside the mesh. as I orbit around and frontal faces change, also the visualization changes.
I have serious problem finding decent bed for my mobile VR project, which has to be both realitic and lightweight, so I decided to model most of the fornitures I need.
Any suggestion?

This is rather a question for a Blender forum or a search in google, but …

In Blender you can use Ctrl+N in Edit mode with the necessary faces selected (make Normals Consistent), look in the Tools panel to make it inverse in case it still is wrong. Or in edit mode press space and search for ‘flip normals’. This is also in the Tool shelft in the Shading/UV panel.

Also, if you meant to make it visible from both sides, there is a check box in the Material, in the Details Panel called ‘two sided’. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Two Sided Material - YouTube

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Yeah, I know but on internet i couldn’t find anything.
I asked on blender answerhub, too but I thought I could ask on here too, since problem appear on UE only.

And yes. It was the answer. Thank you very much for the fast reply.

Still works in 2021 - for those who have lost hope