Imported Mesh Is Black


I’ve been working on some models in blender and all have been imported with no issues. However with this building I’m working on it’s imported with only the smoothing group error but has a weird black material on it that’s transparent slightly.

I’ve tried a few fixes that involve the auto-generated lightmap coordinate and resolution but have not been able to solve the problem. I’ve checked in blender if the normals were facing the wrong way but they aren’t. I’m using Unreal Engine 5 but have noticed it hasn’t worked with 4.26 either. Any possible fixes would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m pretty sure the normals are inverted. I’m not certain this will fix it, but please try this:

  1. Open your model in Blender.
  2. In Object Mode, Press Ctrl+A.
  3. Select Scale.
  4. In Edit Mode, select all and recalculate the normals.
  5. Export to Unreal Engine and see if it’s fixed.

In Blender, if the model has been scaled negatively in Object mode, the normals will be inverted. By telling it to apply scale, you’re telling Blender that it should set the Scale to 1 while preserving your edits.
Hope this helps!


That worked thanks!

I always forget to set my scale for meshes.