imported mesh doesn't look right. help please!


im new to game creation. but i created this head in z brush and then decimated it to around 10k polys. wich is the poly count in the engine. this model also has a normal map on it. but for some reason the model still looks really triangular and not smooth at all? am i doing something wrong.? is the polycount to low? how can i make this model loom much smoother. thank you!!Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 4.20.47 PM.jpg

Have you tried smoothing the model before importing it? If you are using 3ds max, you use the Smooth modifier.

That looks pretty good from where I am standing with that little thumbnail. 10k in polys for a head is a bit much, well that depends on what your doing I guess. Still if you want to smooth it further make like a 30k high poly and normal map bake it. Also use a smooth tool before export like keytotruth said.

Hey guys thanks for the tips! im a complete noob so i appreciate the tips. You can smooth a mesh? im using maya at the moment. does it have a smoothing feature? also could i do any smoothing with materials? i saw something that resembled such a material in the example content map. and How do i know how many polys a mesh SHOULD be? thanks!

Yes, Maya does have a smoothing feature. However I’m not a Maya user, so I can’t help you much with that. You’ll have to look for that somewhere else.
About the poly count… It depends on what kind of game you’re going to create and what you’re going to do with those meshes. For example 10k just for a head means that your whole body could perfectly be around 50k and that’s a LOT of polys for a single character (unless it’s huge and you only see a small part of it). It also depends on your target platform. If you’re going for high-end PCs you can get away with high poly models, but if you’re not going for high-end PC users you’re going to have to decrease the poly count quite a bit.

thank you for your help! ill have to do some resarch on this maya smoothing.