Imported Material Names Wrong

When I import FBXs, the materials always import with the name defaultMat. The names are clearly set properly in the 3D program they came from and the docs say the names should just transfer over but they do not. This is a bit annoying as I have no idea which material is which. I am using 4.7.6.

Hi Eviltenchi -

Can you let me know what 3d Modeling programs you are trying to pull information from?

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We are using Maya

Hi -

So I have tested this with Maya 2014 and Max 2013/4 and I am able to import the Material Name as established in the Modeling Software. Can you give me a rundown of the process you are using to export and import your FBX as well as where you are setting the Material Name?

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Hi ,

We are using Maya 2014 over here (as we found it the most stable for the Epic rigging solution).

All materials are assigned through hypershade and named in the attribute editor. When we go to export out the FBX the resulting names are defaultMat.

What are we missing in the FBX export? Is there something that we need to switch on?

Any ideas?

Hi eviltenchi -

I have included the Export and Import Settings that I am using from Maya 2014, let me know if you see a difference in the settings you are using:

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Everything works fine now, thanks for the help