Imported heightmaps looks bad

Hi, trying to create a crisp landscape but having some issues with importing heightmaps from World Creator to Unreal 5 with a proper result.

Export from WC: RAW, 4096x4096

Imported as recommended: 4033 x 4033, 63, 4 (2x2), 126x126, 1024 (32x32)

Not sure if it have something with the comp size to do?

I have tried so many variations so I need to ask a pro now :slight_smile:


What you see in terms of details in WC often will not transfer directly to the landscape system, especially smaller/higher frequency details, peaks and steep slopes/smoothed curvature.

It appears you’ve set the recommended max of 1024 components and the results look approximately as I would expect. Is there a specific reason you exported from WC at 4096 rather than 4033? It probably won’t make a significant (or any) difference in quality but ‘ideally’ it would be exported at one of the recommended sizes.

A few options to consider;

1.) Exporting a normal map for the landscape. Depending on your performance vs. quality goals, you might want to consider a higher resolution normal, possibly as a virtual texture depending on your target.

2.) Using meshes for the higher detail areas that are giving you trouble rather than relying on the landscape’s 1024 components to provide sufficient resolution. There’s just a limit to what you can expect from the current landscape system in terms of resolution and detail reproduction.

3.) You can scale down the landscape to provide a higher density of quads. Not ideal due to losing scale for your scene/level but it is an option to keep in mind.

With nanite (or optimized mesh with baked normal for non-nanite meshes), there’s a lot more freedom in terms of detail possibilities. You can only achieve so much with the current landscape system alone. Best to view it more as a smoother, lower detail canvas to build upon if you really want to push detail as much as possible. Although there are various drawbacks to consider, a full nanite mesh object as your landscape is an option if detail is your primary goal.

It appears that UE5.1 has some sort of ‘nanite landscape’ system, so what I’ve said here may be rendered partially or wholly obsolete in the near future.