Imported FBX Problem

Probably this is a very stupid question but seems that I can’t fix this problem. Basically I have a model from 3ds max I want to use in ue4 but after exporting it(with smoothing group checked) when I open the model within ue4 it appears like this:


this is 3ds max:


If I check recompute normals in lod0 it fixes the problem but the model seems to become low poly


Sorry for my bad explanation but I don’t know how to explain well this so I hope these pics will make you understand what I mean.

P.S: this problem happens everytime I import a .fbx

To be fair, I don’t see anything strange on your picture. What issue in particular are you referencing to?

I believe he means the bolt on the sight. It’s slightly cut off on the bottom left.

When I arrive at home I’ll post some photos of the weapon meanwhile you can see pics in this thread I found to see what I mean:

Here you can see what happens when I import my model from 3ds max.

If I recompute normals the problem goes away BUT a flat shading is applied to the model (you can see that better in my 3rd pic in the first post)

Can you help me please?

ok fixed. If someone needs to know how I did it:

1)Open your material BP
2)Add a constant
3)set it to 0.8/1 and link it to roughness. In this way the model won’t look so slick anymore

ok i’m checking this right now and I’ll try that thank you again, but why are you saying my method is a workaround? I think the problem is not the model but the material, I checked other models which had the same problem and compared with the epic’s ones and my materials were strange, after applying roughness I couldn’t see any difference anymore between my models and others

That is not a fix. It is workaround.
Check this article and this guide and make sure you follow them.