Imported fbx meshes in 4.12.2 is 100x smaller than in 4.11.x

I found that imported fbx as static meshes in new 4.12.2 is 100x smaller than in 4.11.x
Is it normal? I don’t think so
I use blender with this fbx export parameters

Thank you.

There is a scaling problem not a problem actually to be true. UE4.12 and blender scales are different.
Here is a documentation that may help you
Have a nice day.

in 4.13 it’s ok agane

Well I have not used the preview version . So, I do not have its idea yet if you insist. Ok let me do some more research and I’ll tell you what to do.

try this video out maybe this helps. Not that par of the video where h change his scale from 1 to 100. He does it to set a proper scale for ue4 . Maybe audio is appears a little husky but follow these steps.Hope this helps for all versions that you use.

Thank you for comment
I used UE on linux from version 4.7
and I never scaled models
this is my export options
What wrong i do?

Oh I see.There is a scale option on the image you posted if you follow the steps from first video then set scale to 100.
from the two videos and was it working now . A personal suggestion always keep the fbx plugin in blender up to date .
Have a nice day brothermechanic .