Imported fbx animation missing timecode

Hello, so I’m importing an fbx from motionbuilder that contains timecode, but the animation that is imported doesn’t contain any timecode that I can find. The animation itself plays in frames.
Where can I see the animations embedded timecode?
Thank you!

That’s in motionbuilder
fbx uses frames

Right, but I need timecode on my mocap animation to line it up in sequencer with other aspects of the performance, audio recording and facial capture. Timecode is the thing in a typical editorial workflow that would let an editor combine these things.

Fbx files contain the timecode data, and even when I want to import a range on the animation, unreal requires I actually specify that range in terms of the timecode and not frames.

So is there no way to see that timecode reference?

I have this problem too. Timecode can be viewed as frames or as timecode. If I save an fbx recorded with timecode and load it in Maya or Mobu and view the time as frames, it’s just a huge number. If this same fbx is imported to UE, it’s offset and starts from 0, which looks like the timecode is lost. How can it be imported and keep the huge number (which is the timecode)? Thanks!

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There was a feature added that enables embedded timecode to be imported when the FBX has custom attributes with the TC values. I made this video here about it Import FBX Animations with embedded timecode into Unreal Engine 5 - YouTube


Thanks Kevin!

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Does anyone know if there is an update to animations importing into unreal since 5.2? WIll it recognize timecode in any way now out of the box?