Imported Datasmith Model always loaded in the world partition grid at runtime

I am a begginer in Unreal Engine and I am testing the new world partition feature in Unreal Engine 5 using the default third-person game template. In runtime, I could see those default models are loading and unloading depending upon the player’s location. But once I imported some custom geometry using datasmith and these models are always visible in the viewport while testing the worldpartition at runtime. Any idea how can I resolve this issue?!

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Here is another clip showing the problem clearly; The blue color cube is loading and unloading properly during runtime depending upon the streaming distance; but the white color geometry at the back; that I imported into the scene using Datasmith; is always visible during runtime. Any idea why that model is not unloading even if it is beyond the streaming distance?

same problem in UE5.1, maybe it is becasue the datasmith actor is too large?

I have the same issue! After some tests, I was able to force them to unload, although not all. What I did was assign a runtime grid to one of the Datasmith actors. This gives me an error when I’m loading the map, but at least it works… kinda.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to upload any screenshots so… My imported terrain is unloading randomly and always ignores some of the objects (not unloading those).
Most of the time it is unloading only 30% of all objects.

Would love to find a solution to this issue