Imported collision mesh different to exported collision mesh

I was wondering if any of you fine folks could help me with somethin. So I exported the mesh/collision on the left from blender with the right naming conventions and location/rotation applied as well as all the other checks I do, and I get the result on the right:

All my previous meshes were fine :s I don’t have auto generate collision on either (just the same settings as with everything else)

It’s not convex so it’s rejecting it and auto generating a new one I think.

Huh, that’s an odd one, thankyou very much I’m gonna er, try to figure how I should have it modeled XD

EDIT: Yep that’s exactly what’s happened, I found a function in blender to model it to a ‘convex hull’ and it does the same thing Unreal Engine does. I’ll just auto generate this one. Thankyou again!