Imported character keeps rescaling when I import it.

I have created a character, rigged, and animated it in Maya. When I import it to Ue4, it rescales the model to about 5 percent of it’s actual size, and flips it on its back. I’ve tried exporting it out of Maya on both the Y and Z axis. Both give me the same result. I was doing this last week with another character model, and had no issues. Is this a bug in the latest update, or have things changed on how to import character meshes?

If you are using the 3rd person template then yes there is a bug in the source asset that could cause this problem. Epic is aware.

A work around would be to use the construction script to set its proper scale and rotation. Not sure if it will work, but give it a shot. Another would be to use the Event Tick to set the proper values in engine. I’ve never come across this issue so if this does fix that issue temporarily, make sure to let us know! :smiley: Hope this works out for you!

You can change the import transform in the skeletal mesh window. Or check the settings there to see if anything is wrong. Just hit reimport afterwards and it should apply the settings.


I tried rescaling both through the import settings and through construction script. It looks fine, but the strange thing is that my animations import at the proper scale and axis. When I rescale it and rotate it, it then blows up the animations. I ended up creating a new blank project, and migrating the former project over. Importing to the blank project seemed to work.