Imported character has bones in weird places

I’ve been working in Unreal for years and this is a first. For some reason, some bones are importing out of place. I am in 4.26.

As you can see from the images, the neck bones are in the tail.

I found a solution but if anyone else has a better one then by all means…

It seems that multiple bind poses existed when exporting from Maya “Unable to find bind pose” was the warning. Although I’ve had this warning before, this is the first time it has resulted in this behavior.

These are extra binds poses are sometimes left behind after binding/unbinding and rebinding (which I did) but Maya doesn’t auto-delete the old ones.

The solution I found was here: Maya - "Unable to find the bind pose" when exporting to FBX — polycount

Anyway, I deleted the extra bind poses and exported. I did not build any new bind poses. The error from Maya and the issue in Unreal appear resolved.

For those who don’t want to read the above discussion:

To nuke all of the bindposes:

  1. In outliner go to Display and uncheck DAG Objects Only
  2. Then in the search bar look for bind that should show every bindpose in the scene, delete them all.
  3. Clear the search bar, and turn on DAG Objects Only again.

Rebuild the bindpose:

  1. Then select every joint in your skeleton and do what Tatjana_J said…
  2. In the MEL bar, bottom lower left corner type dagPose -s -bp and hit enter.