Imported Camera and Character not in same place as Maya

I want to import an animated character and a camera into sequencer to create a “shot”. It is exported from Maya. I export the camera from Maya as an .fbx and import it into the sequencer. The animated character I import into the scene as an .fbx then bring it into the sequencer. The problem is the initial positions of the camera or the character are not in the correct place. The character is not in frame. How do I import the character and camera with the proper coordinates so that the character is composed in frame as it is in Maya?

Thank you!

camera baked in world space
character has root bone at world 0,0,0

should all line up

It was the root bone or master group node on a static object that I had wrong. The camera was importing just fine in space but the geo was off. Once I dropped in my character or geo and applied 0,0,0 to my root node it all snapped into place.

Thank you!

HI @PFinley can you explain to me this process, I’m having a hard time figuring it out,