Imported Blender .fbx missing parts and verticies

I made a character for use in a game in Blender and imported it as an FBX. It imported fine but is missing random parts of it shown in the picutures I attached. Any help would be nice

Are they missing or are you seeing backfaces? Verify all of your normals are facing the correct direction.

To test this, in your material click empty space and set Double Sided = true;

Compile and if you can see the faces now then your model just has improper facing normals. I’m not sure how in blender but find how to enable Back-face culling to get a better idea of what unreal will see.

So I checked in Blender and it seems all the Normals are correct, but that thing you mentioned in UE4 about empty space and setting double sided to true, I am somewhat new to UE4 and cant seem to find this in the Material

In your mesh’s head material left click on the background (to clear any selection you have and make the details panel populate with the overall material properies). In the details panel find the checkbox called “Two Sided” and check it. Then compile and save your material.


Check your model and see if the missing polygons have appeared.

Thanks, sorry for the late reply, the missing polygons did come back but there seems to be a problem with the materials, not sure if i should start another thread about this or not (am new to the forum). The strange black stuff im not sure if it is a problem with lighting or the materials

These are all signs of bad normals/smoothing groups. I don’t have blender experience enough to help you here but that’s an avenue to go down in a place more specific to blender perhaps. A new topic may be good.

Note that though the Two Sided checkbox shows the faces you still technically have Normal issues on those faces (They are reversed).

Alrighty then, went in blender

and fixed the normals (edit mode, select all, and CTRL+N if you want for future reference). I’ll mark this thread as answered as the attached picture shows the verts that were missing are back, the material is still being a female dog in terms of applying where it needs to but thats for another thread, thanks for the help!

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