Imported Blender fbx character blinking


I imported a character that I made from Blender and it keeps blinking on the scene. I saw a thread about importing a character from blender to ue4, and in that thread someone recommended using 2.70 version of blender, and that helped me to get animated character from blender.

The odd thing about this blinking issue is, that when I set the preview rendering to mobile / html5, it does not blink anymore.

Any idea what could be causing this odd behaviour?

Hey Kiraffi -

Can you post some screenshots or captured video of the behavior you are experiencing, also are you using any tessellation in the material for your character?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Sorry. Turns out this was quite simple thing to fix. It affected every single model that I imported, but this was because I didn’t have the “Use TOAs ref pose” ticked. Once I checked it, everything works.