Imported Assets from UE4 to 5 are Jagged

I got the Assetville pack for UE4. I then transferred into UE5 and the character models got all messed up, becoming jagged and without any eyes. What happened?



This happened to my assets when I did test Nanite on everything, looks like it does not like very low poly mesh, make sure these are not Nanite

How would I check that?

Hmm if you didnt turn it on manually…but still, select corrupted mesh in content browser, right click, check nanine on top- disable

I don’t see anything

Oh I see now, its skeletal meshes, Nanite does not work with it, so it must be something else then.

Do you know what it COULD be?

Looks like mesh compression or optimization in place, not sure, not worked with skeletal much(

So what seems to work is to extract the correct meshes from UE4 and reimport them into UE5. It’s time consuming but it works.

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