Imported animations not being marked as unsaved

I’ve noticed that when reimported an FBX containing multiple AnimSequences after making adjustments to previously imported animation only the newest imported animation is being marked as unsaved. I didn’t think much about only having one being marked as unsaved since I only made edits to the newest animation but when I altered a older animation I was shocked to see that my changes were undone the next time I opened UE4. It wasn’t really a big deal I just reimported the animation and manually saved the AnimSequence I changed.

since all I was doing before was hitting save all I hadn’t really noticed this until a while ago. Heck I wasn’t even sure if it was a bug until I noticed something fishy was going on. Since I was making tiny changes such as moving the feet on an animation up a tiny bit so they don’t stick through the floor, I hadn’t noticed anything was wrong.

Hi JoSilver,

We’ve had a few other users reporting this. It is entered as UE-32283 and is expected to be fixed in 4.12.4.

You can work around it by manually right clicking the animation sequences in the Content Browser and selecting “Save”.

-Matt W.