Imported Animation differs from Targeted

I might have done this backwards, but I made animations based on the UE4 skeleton while waiting to get a final character mesh. Now I have a final character mesh, I re-targeted all of my animations to the new character and everything is working smoothly.

There are only a few small changes I’d like to make to my animations like changing the hands or straightening the neck.

The problem I get is, when I import the updated animation and choose my new character skeleton, the whole pose is changed slightly. Like, the hips and back are rotated and make the character hunched over.

I tested to make sure it wasn’t just an animation error by using the exact same animation fbx file to import directly on the skeleton, and import to ue4 default skeleton then re-target. I get the same small changes.

Is there some option I’m missing that allows me to directly import animations to my new skeletal mesh without having to import to the default ue4 skeleton and then re-target each animation? Why is there a difference in which way I get the animations onto the skeleton?