Imported 3D Studio mesh is black in UE4

Pardon the cross posting, but I already posted this in the Reddit forums:

Hi. I am new to UE4 and 3D studio Max, so I am missing something basic. I created a simple plane in 3D Studio and assigned a standard material to it. The material has a bitmap. I converted the mesh to an editable poly and exported it to an FBX file. When I import the file into UE4, I can see the texture on the mesh in the editor. UE4 asks me to rebuild the lights and when I rebuild the mesh turns black and I can no longer see the texture. I tried tinkering with the UVW Map and also the UNWRAP UVW features in 3d Studio and I always get the same result.

Why? What do I need to do in 3D Studio to properly import an object with a bitmapped texture?

This is one of the best links on the Internet. Thank You. I just needed to export my mesh after using “Unwrap UVW”