ImportAssets Commandlet Examples

Hullo everyone,

I’ll be working on a collection of examples for how to use the ImportAssets commandlet over the next couple weeks.
I just made it today and made a script that imports a skeletal mesh and a couple textures.

The repository is here: GitHub - calben/UnrealImportAssetsExamples
The Scripts directory holds an example ImportAssets setting and imports assets in the ExampleAssets directory.

If you have any examples of importing assets using the commandlet and are willing to contribute them, please do (pull request or comment here)! :slight_smile:
I’ll be adding documentation and more examples over the next couple days.
Eventually I should find the time to build a page to add to the Wiki in lieu of documentation for the commandlet.
It’s not a particularly popular feature, but if you’re working on packaging content on a server like I am, it’s a great tool.