[Important] World origin rebasing landscape textures error

Edit: The problem looks like the World origin rebasing and world aligned textures using the node WorldAlignedTexture don’t work, this need to be fixed…

If you make a material based in slop that have projected textures in the world and apply to the landscape, in my case to a landscape of 20x20Km using a 4k heightmap texture + scaled to 500x500x1000. At play and only at play when you’re at 10Km from origin at fall from the top at some point the textures do a rare thing and just move all…

Only happen at some points…

Looks like a problem with triplanar or something but please fix this cause is really bad for any game…


This material has been used Landscape Material Source Download - YouTube looks like an error with the LOD material lerp or something but without World origin rebasing works fine, note I have too Distance Fields enabled…

Looks like a problem with the world aligned textures and World origin rebasing, happen each 5 or 10km you travel the whole map changes…

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In order to report this as a bug, I am going to need steps and/or a simple project where the issue occurs. From your image, it looks like LOD changes but since I do not have a test project to confirm your report, it is going to be hard to tell.

As always, please provide all the necessary information when reporting an issue so we can effectively assist you.

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Easy Steps there:

  • A. Make a import some heightmap to make a landscape, make lets say a 2k texture of heightmap and then create it with the default settings it, but scale it for example to 500x500x500 or 1000x1000x1000 in some way you have a 10x10 or 20x20 Km landscape.
  • B. Make a texture that use for example a simple WorldAlignedTexture and plug it to the terrain for example, then set that material to the terrain.
  • C. Set the world composition turn on in the world and then set too on the World origin rebasing.
  • D. Add some kind of pawn or something that allow you to move in game fast.
  • E. Press play and then move with your pawn over the map at some point each 5 or 10Km traveled the world origin changes and you will see how the whole projected texture with WorldAlignedTexture will bump and change.
  • F. Profit.And report it :stuck_out_tongue:

So after further investigation, what you are seeing is expected. Since WorldAlignTextures and WorldAlignBlends are using world location to apply and project the texture objects which are based on the world origin, it is expected that if you shift the world origin to the camera, the appearance of the textures will change. This is because the world origin location has been changed, and your textures are not accounting for the newly offset location. In order to work around this you would want to know the distance in which the origin has been offset, and pass that to your material so it can maintain its appearance once the world origin has shifted.

Thanks for your report, but we do not believe this to be a bug with the Unreal Engine. For further development help, please refer to documentation or seek assistance from the UE community.

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I think Epic should do something like node to auto pass this, set this in the tick cost FPS.

Or atleast put the world origin events in the Blueprints cause are not here…

Hopefully a fix or update is forthcoming on this, with perhaps a new BP node for the new offset location, or adding it to the existing node for WorldAlignBlends.

pass that to your material

How does one prevent landscape material shifting when world origin is changed ?