Important: Submitting ARKit Apps Built with 4.19

Hey all,

For ARKit apps shipping on Unreal Engine 4.19, Apple is requesting the inclusion of language from their policies regarding the use of information inside of the application privacy policy. This is due to the inclusion of the facial tracking libraries in the ARKit plugin that ships with 4.19. If you’re building and shipping an ARKit with 4.19, please include the following with your privacy statement:

“<Application> may use your personal facial information to improve your app experience, such as animating a character based on your expression, controlling game input, or adding selfie effects. Access to your personal facial information in <Application> is not used for device security, advertising or marketing purposes and not shared off-device.”

Note: This only applies to Unreal Engine 4.19 and is not required for applications shipping on 4.20 and subsequent releases. We encourage you to upgrade to 4.20 in order to take advantage of the new features in ARKit 2 when it releases.

Thanks for the info Chance! We are close to submission but hopefully can hold off until 4.20.

Out of interest though why does this privacy statement not need to be included in 4.20 releases?? What is different there?