Important Question!


How’s everyone doing!!! i hope good, anyway happy new year!!..
I just had a small question in my mind, so basically if i create a level or a scene? for example a office or a room can i put that for sale? Like i mean i am using the assets made by other or starter one simple, and i make a modernized room!! can i sell that on the market place? or like i create a small scene would i be able to sell that?
I hope it’s not a stupid question, cause i am actually pretty new to this stuff thus not exactly sure of what is right and what is not…

You can only sell content that you have the right to sell. If you have the right to sell those assets, then yes, otherwise no.

Also, it has to be good enough quality.

It sounds like you want to create scenes using assets created from others, or the starter content, and sell them? If that is correct, then no you aren’t able to do that. As Jamendxman3 mentioned, you can only sell assets on the marketplace you have the rights to sell. Marketplace assets for example cannot be resold in a scene.